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If you’re ready to kick winter to the curb and jumpstart your vision of the great outdoors for your backyard, it might be time to contact the landscaping pros from Envision Lawn and Tree!

New Brick Patio Install with Custom KC Monogram.

High Demand on Landscaping Schedule

Say goodbye to winter blues and hello to the cheery colors of spring! As cabin fever subsides and homeowners spend more time outdoors, be forewarned that this year’s landscaping schedule is looking a little extra busy!

Home entertainment, small outdoor gatherings, and more time working from home all point in one direction: Outside!

Parents have spent time working in home offices and homeschooling little ones; retired couples are looking for a little getaway after spending so much time in quarantine. Busy working individuals are ready for some fresh air and a new scene.

Even homeowners contemplating selling are investing in outdoor kitchens, deluxe patios, and cozy fire-pits – features they can enjoy today, and will give them a high return on investment upon selling. Whether you’re envisioning a professional quality backyard barbecue station or a conversation area with warm outdoor lighting – perfect for enjoying a relaxed adult evening – investing in your outside space is one of the most satisfying investments you can make – bringing not only more home comfort and satisfaction today, but potentially extra dividends when it comes time to sell your home!

Many homes and families are already booking their lawn care for this summer or putting in an outdoor fireplace for chilly spring evenings. Schedule your home exterior renovations before it’s too late!

First Up for Spring: Lawn and Yard Maintenance

The weight of winter snows often snaps overburdened – and often dead – tree limbs, not to mention scattering an array of small branches and twigs around your yard, it might be time to call Envision!

In addition, leftover leaves from late fall have often worked their way in to flower beds and and around tree roots and fences areas – blocking the sunlight necessary for your healthy lawn and plants. They also clog drains and gutters necessary to clear the heavy rains of spring. Tackle the branches and leftover leaves with one call to Envision and ask about our Leaf Removal Service!

Next Up: Rainwater Management

The fickle KC Weather is not done causing havoc quite yet. This time of year is know for sporadic downpours – often of the heavy variety that tests the effective rainwater drainage from your property. Nothing points out a drainage issue like a few days of heavy downpours. Don’t wait, you can prevent drowned planting, grass mold, foundation damage and basement flooding by checking drainage slope of your yard and solving any problem areas with the appropriate rainwater drainage solutions!

Options include redirect creating an easy egress for heavy rainwater flow with a decorative dry creek bed (that whisks away water as a running stream when rain falls). Or, you might consider underground and tucked-away French drains. Need help with your flooded property and wet basement issues? Envision’s wide array of Drainage Solutions are designed to keep your home safe from mother nature with a minimum of unsightly visual intrusions!

Green is Beautiful

Once leftover season plant material is cleared and your drainage issues are in check, it’s beautiful lawn time. Who doesn’t want the brilliant green grass of spring as the would-be wall-to-wall carpeting of their own home’s great outdoors? From fertilization and aeration to weed and grub control, the landscaping and lawn experts at Envision do what it takes to give you the emerald green grass that’ll make your neighbors even greener with envy!

Move Quickly: Hardscape Materials are Low

With imports of needed hardscape supplies stalled through pandemic-influenced manufacturing and shipping delays, coupled with the demand for these items increased by a multitude of workers across the country working from home (who began to notice their property could use a little freshening up), unfortunately landscape materials often now require a fair amount of advance planning and early ordering. Special textures and popular colors of manufactured stone are also becoming harder to get. The solution: It’s important for to book hardscape and landscape projects sooner rather than later. If you want to enjoy your new outdoor living space all summer long, the only way to be sure you receive exactly what you want is to start early – and there is no time like the present!

Don’t wait! Call Envision today at (816) 788-0808 or contact us online now for more information!