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With the days growing colder and the holiday season descending upon us, now is the time to get all your outdoor winter preparations out of the way. Here’s a handy checklist to help get you started!

Clear the lawn of leaves and debris.

To start, you will want to rake up all the fallen leaves from your yard. Removing all the leaves allows for your grass to continue thriving into the colder months ahead. Grass needs as much sunlight as possible to prepare and survive throughout the winter. Leaves also trap moisture and prevent proper evaporation, creating the perfect environment for mold to prosper – definitely something you want to avoid.

Envision knows leaf removal can be quite an undertaking and we are here to help. Learn more about our leaf removal services here.

Mow your grass to winter height.

Next, you will want to lower the height of your grass. Of course, make sure to do this gradually – cutting grass short too quickly can do more damage than good. Typically, you want your grass to be between 2 and 3 inches tall. Long grass during the winter attracts small critters, like field mice and voles, and insects; inviting them to make themselves at home in your yard. It also helps prevent snow mold, a common occurrence where excessive moisture cannot evaporate from your lawn.

Apply herbicide.

If you struggle with weeds, fall is a great time to apply herbicides. This is when weeds are building up winter energy supplies in their root systems. You’ll want to do this when the forecast calls for sun. Give the herbicide at least 24 hours of dry weather to sit and absorb into the grass properly. When spring rolls around in the new year, you will already have a head start on preventing weeds in your yard.


Before grass starts to turn brown and enter its dormant, winter phase, give it a good nourishment boost with fertilizer. This will help strengthen its roots, prevent diseases, and give it a better chance to survive the winter. The early morning dew also helps grass more effectively absorb the fertilizer.

Protect taps, hoses and sprinkler systems.

Don’t forget about hoses and outside taps! You’ll want to unhook your hoses, empty them of any excess water, and store them away somewhere safe from the elements. Cover your taps as well to help prevent pipes from freezing and from unnecessary damage.

Stock up on snow melt.

Avoid the inevitable snow shovel and ice melt shortages when the first snowfall comes by preparing ahead of time. Make sure to grab an ice melt that is safe to use on concrete. If you have pets, be mindful that they do not ingest any of the ice melt and wipe their paws off after they walk on it to help avoid any irritation.

Let it snow!

With your lawn now ready for wintertime, you can get back to staying nice and cozy indoors with friends and family. If you need any help winterizing your yard, don’t hesitate to call or send Envision a message. You can trust our lawn specialists to have your yard protected and prepped for whatever winter has in store for us this year!