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How to Prevent the Hazards Hiding Under The Fall Leaves

Beautiful, crisp leaves decorate your front lawn with a blanket of red and gold. Removing the leaves can seem unnecessary; plus, leaf removal is so much work! However, leaf removal is important for both the health of your yard and your own safety.

Allowing the leafy blanket to remain in place will ruin your cultivated lawn, encourage the growth of molds and diseases, and shelter dangerous pests that can be harmful to anyone – or any pet – who may cross your lawn. For these reasons, you may wish to hire a professional leaf removal service to help with the hard but necessary work!

Why Leaf Removal Matters

While raking the leaves from your yard may seem like a tedious, boring task, it is essential for your wellbeing – and for the health of your lawn! Removing the leaves from your lawn will go a long way towards removing the dangers lying underneath. 

Leaves Smother Your Grass

Leaves will kill your grass by blocking sunlight; this keeps the grass blades from photosynthesizing. Without sunlight, the grass blades will be unable to make food from the sun’s energy. During the cold winter months, the grass will have nothing to live off of and will die. Come springtime, your patchy yard will be a clear sign that your lawn was suffocated last fall.

Leaves Promote Mold Growth

Additionally, the damp blanket of leaves inhibits water evaporation. With fall rains and little sunlight, your yard will become a musty harbor for the production and growth of mold and fungi. The trapped moisture can also lead to crown and root rot in your lawn. Treating these issues is not only difficult but costly! Mold is harmful for your lawn, but also very dangerous for you – mold spores and fungi can lead to several illnesses in both pets and people. No leaves means a healthier lawn and a healthier you!

Leaves Present Safety Issues

Wet leaves provide very little traction, making your sidewalks and driveway slippery – avoid accidents this season by removing the slick leaves covering your yard. Unfortunately, slippery spots aren’t the only hazardous condition leaves create.

Spiders and snakes might be part of your Halloween décor, but it’s unlikely you want a live display. While many spiders and snakes are not deadly, some are; and of course, it’s better to avoid even non-venomous bites from these creatures. These dangerous pests love damp dark crevices and will burrow into the piles of leaves littering your property for warmth and shelter. Your pets or kids can be in danger simply by playing in the yard; anyone crossing the lawn who disturbs their rest risks a nasty encounter. Minimize their hiding spots by removing dead leaves from your lawn.

When to Remove Leaves

Most leaves fall during one certain season of the year – can you guess which? The most asked question has to do with the frequency of raking: Should you rake every time the leaves drop? Should you wait and rake all at once?

While it’s fairly impossible to keep up with falling leaves, leaves shouldn’t be left to pile up. After a windy day or before a rainstorm, leaves should be raked and bagged up. Wet leaves are heavy, so make sure to tackle the raking while they’re dry. Your fall leaves should be cleared entirely before the first frost or snow.

Leaf Removal Options – Call Envision!

Leaf removal is a time-consuming, back-breaking chore. Envision has a great alternative – enjoy a safe and healthy lawn without all the effort! Just rake those leaves to the curb – or use a leaf blower – then contact Envision to send out our high-capacity vacuum truck!

Let Envision Lawn and Tree take care of your leaves this year, leaving you more time to do fun things this fall. Learn more about our Leaf Removal options!