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Envision’s successful front yard landscaping project at this new home last year led to an incredible backyard entertainment zone installation this year!


Envision completed the front yard’s landscaping last year.

Last year, the owners of a recently completed home in Independence, Missouri, engaged Envision to design and install new landscaping and fresh sod for the front yard of this newly constructed home. After establishing a project blueprint with the homeowners, the Envision team got to work transforming the front yard from a construction zone into a beautiful green lawn with touches of modern landscaping bordering the long drive and around the home’s perimeter.

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The Envision team worked with the homeowners to draw up a detailed plan to follow while working on this large-scale project.

The satisfied homeowners contacted the Envision team this year to tackle the backyard. Since last working with Envision, they had installed a stunning new pool and pavilion, but their entertainment zone fell short of matching the polished look around the rest of the house. The team once again worked with the homeowners to create a detailed plan, this time for landscaped beds around the pool, along with green spaces, a large manufactured stone patio, and a custom-built fire feature.

The carefully selected plantings around the pool include a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors – including boxwoods, junipers, sedum, and ornamental grasses – and created a cohesive look with just enough differentiation for additional visual interest. Instead of using mulch in the plant beds, which would inevitably make its way into the pool, the Envision crew filled the beds with river rock, giving the overall project a clean, finished look along with the extra benefit of providing drainage control around the entire pool area.

The newly installed artificial turf is sturdy enough to bear the pressure points and weight of heavy outdoor furniture without ripping or tearing.

Rather than a large space completely dominated by hardscape elements, artificial turf was installed in areas around and between the pool, landscape beds, pavilion, and home. The natural-looking turf contrasts nicely with the hardscape areas – giving them increased definition – and artificial turf is the perfect solution for those who love the look of a pool surrounded by grass but want to avoid the eternally muddy lawn (and accompanying muddy sidewalks) caused from inevitable splashes from the pool. And, with artificial turf, maintenance is a breeze as it requires no mowing.

Artificial turf provides the green space that ties the pool to the hardscaped areas of the home’s amazing new backyard entertainment zone.

It can also be a struggle to keep grass healthy around a pool as chemically treated water can cause significant damage, as does heavy foot traffic. On the other hand, advancements in artificial turf make it highly durable and resistant to fading from UV rays – meaning it will look fantastic and can last upwards of 20 years. As an added benefit, people with grass allergies do not have to avoid the “grass” while enjoying the yard and pool area.

Beyond the pavilion lies the new patio. Made of large interlocking manufactured stone pavers in warm, natural tones, with a centerpiece firepit made from the same stone material. The curved shape of the patio adds to the contemporary look and feel of the overall design of the backyard.

Even a chilly evening can be enjoyed poolside with this circular fire pit.

It takes the highest levels of design, materials, installation expertise, and a keen eye for detail to plan and execute a backyard project of this magnitude. The Envision landscape professionals, working closely with the discerning homeowners, transformed the outdoor areas surrounding the home’s new backyard pool into a multi-use entertainment zone that will be enjoyed by family and friends year-round.

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