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Leaf Removal

One-Time Leaf Removal

Don’t Bag Your Leaves – Blow Them Away!

Who doesn’t love the colors of fall in Kansas City? The golds, the yellows, the reds and then… the sad blues of spending weekend after weekend raking, bagging – and then dragging – those once beautiful leaves to the curb. It’s back breaking work that never seems to end.

Envision Sucks – Your Leaves from the Curb!

Just blow – or rake – those leaves to the curb and let our high capacity vacuum truck do the rest! Save time and money on your leaf removal with Envision!

Good for Your Back, Good for the Environment

Our suction truck sprays a light mist of water on all leaves as they’re vacuumed from the curb – cutting down on dust and allergens in the air. Then, after vacuuming, we haul leaves and other plant material to our own outdoor compost facility where they decompose as nature intended (without blanketing your grass from much-needed sunlight).

Neighborhood Programs

We even offer residential neighborhood discounts – call about our home association deals. Or, just book an appointment for your own residential property. We can book you for one or two convenient pickup dates this fall, just make the call and we’ll get you on the calendar – and you’ll get your Saturdays back!

Check back here to see if your neighborhood has a special rate – or call us and we’ll talk to your homes association about setting up a special rate plan for the homes in your neighborhood. Individual appointments are always available though, just call Envision!

Complete Leaf Removal Service

Don’t have time to blow your leaves to the curb? Envision will do the complete leaf removal for you! Click to Contact Us today!

Request Complete Leaf Removal

Ready to get your Saturdays back?

Call Envision today: (816) 788-0808 or contact us online!

One-Time Leaf Pickup Guidelines:

  • Envision’s trucks are equipped with a side-mounted vacuum designed follow the curb and suction up long rows of leaves. (We even spray a light mist of water on the leaves to keep dust levels down during vacuuming!)
  • Please blow or rake leaves into a narrow, long pile along the curb. The vacuum arm can reach 3 feet into the lawn area, so be sure to get them near the curb – and avoid getting them into the street or on the sidewalk.
  • Please do not rake leaves into the street or gutter as this may inhibit natural rain drainage activity and possibly block storm drains.
  • Our recycling area and vacuum are designed for leaves only – so be sure other trash, rocks, large sticks or other debris are not in your leaf row.
  • Be sure not to park any vehicles in front of your leaf row on your collection day!

Prefer Complete Leaf Removal?

Envision also offers a full range of lawn maintenance services, including complete leaf removal. No raking, no blowing, no bagging, no dust, no sweat. Get your weekends back this fall!

More affordable than you think! Come home from work and your lawn and plant beds will be free from leaves, sticks and other plant waste material. We recycle all leaves and plant material at our own outdoor facility. Plans start at $85. Call Envision today: (816) 788-0808