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Envision KC’s Best


Everyone has a backyard dream

There is nothing like a challenge – the sheet of paper a customer has drawn up with magic ideas. Clips from magazines. Phone photos from walks around their KC neighborhood – or a favorite destination far across the country. Everyone has a backyard dream, or a front yard beautification project. A plan – committed to paper or maybe just to words – for their own outdoor paradise.

From grilling with friends on a just-right flagstone patio, to a quiet and tree-shaded spot for hanging out with the kids and their summer projects, to an intimate backyard nook where a busy couple slows and sits for a glass of wine and a peaceful moment in time.

The art of landscape and hardscape

For Envision, that is what the art of landscape and hardscape is all about. It’s never about what we want it to be. It’s what you dream it to be.

Whether your dream includes a mixed media patio or stacked-stone retaining walls, or a line of pristine shrubs, fruit trees, meandering walking paths, iridescent flower beds, seasonal color shifts or an outdoor idea that just needs more exploration, it might be time to Envision.

We’re as comfortable with paper and pencil sketches as we are with our state-of-the-art CAD drawings and our drone video mapping to help visualize your dreams.

There’s no time like the present – contact Envision today for a no-obligation consultation.