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Envision is making leaf removal easier and faster for Kansas City homeowners!

Does just the thought of bagging up all those fall leaves make your back start to ache? Well, the lawn care experts at Envision have the solution for you. Meet the Envision Leaf Truck – the ultimate self-contained vacuum collector that makes leaf removal a breeze! For historic neighborhoods like Brookside, where large trees are abundant, finding a solution to remove the massive amount of leaves that fall from them each autumn was essential for the Envision team.

Stuffing giant bags to the brim with leaves is a thing of the past. All you have to do is sign up for a pick-up time on Envision’s website, then blow or rake all your leaves down to the curb, and you’re done! Make sure your pile of leaves waiting for pick up is within 3 – 4 feet of the street, away from any bushes, trees, fire hydrants, or light poles, and has no hidden rocks, sticks, or trash within the pile. The Envision crew will cruise down your street with their giant leaf vacuum in tow and suck up all your leaves in no time. In fact, with their vacuum, the team can have an entire street’s leaves cleared away in no time.

And, you’ll want to see this thing in action! A large, elephant trunk-like tube hangs off the side of the trailer and is controlled by an Envision team member from a seat mounted on the side. As it moves along, picking up leaves, the vacuum sprays a light mist of water to help reduce the amount of dust and allergens getting kicked up into the air.

Once the truck has collected all the leaves, they are hauled off to Envision’s compost facility instead of to a landfill. The leaves are left to break down naturally at the facility into nutrient-packed soil that the Envision team can use later for their various landscaping projects!

Click here to learn more about Envision’s leaf removal services and sign up for a pick-up time!

Watch the video below to learn more about leaf pickup guidelines