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HOA Leawood Leaf Removal

Leawood South HOA Residents:

Please select one of the three pickup options listed below to schedule curbside leaf removal.
Payment in full is required to book your appointment. Payments can be made
using the contact form below. Or call us at (816) 788-0808.


Reserve your space for the 1st pickup: November 13th


Reserve your space for the 2nd pickup: December 4th


Schedule both pickups and save:


Leaf Pickup Guidelines:

Simply rake your leaves to the curb the night before your pickup date.

Envision’s trucks are equipped with a side-mounted vacuum designed to follow the curb and suction up long rows of leaves. (We even spray a light mist of water on the leaves to keep dust levels down during vacuuming!)


  • Please blow or rake leaves into a long, narrow pile along the curb. The vacuum arm can reach 3-4 feet into the lawn area, so be sure to get them near the curb.
  • The leaf row should be clear of any large objects, such as trees, bushes, fire hydrants, or light poles.
  • Our recycling area and vacuum are designed for leaves only – please be sure your leaf row is clear of trash, rocks, large sticks or other debris.
  • Do not park vehicles in front of your leaf row on your collection day.