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It’s leaf removal season! Raking, piling, and bagging leaves is a seemingly endless task in the fall, especially in long-established neighborhoods like Brookside, where streets are lined with hundreds of large, old trees. When the leaves change color and begin to fall, it’s time for homeowners to make removal plans.


Leaf removal season at Envision.Why Pick Up Leaves at All?

Perhaps surprisingly, it’s essential to remove leaves regularly, not only for the health of the lawn but also for the well-being of pets. Safety for family and visitors is improved too, as fallen leaves are extremely slippery when wet.

A blanket of leaves on the lawn blocks the sun from reaching the grass. In a lawn’s final stages of preparation for winter, it desperately needs as much sunlight as it can get. Also, any moisture trapped in the leaves remains there for much longer, creating the perfect breeding ground for mold and grass diseases, including some that can make dogs and cats sick. Furthermore, a lawn covered with leaves invites unwanted visitors to make their homes there, especially spiders and snakes!

Leaf removal season at Envision.Call The Leaf Pros at Envision!

Envision is KC metro’s leading leaf removal team – a fleet of trucks and curbside pick-up services makes the process easy and convenient for homeowners. So, this leaf removal season, simply rake or blow leaves to the curb! On the appointed day, an Envision truck will arrive to vacuum them up. Envision then drops the leaves off at a partner recycling center.

Leaf removal season at Envision.Please note:

The Envision leaf trucks have a side-mounted vacuum with an arm that can reach approximately three feet. Leaves must be at the curb, not on the street, sidewalk, or edge of the lawn, and must not have any sticks, rocks, or trash in them. Finally, make sure leaf piles are not blocked by any parked cars on pick-up day, or the truck will not be able to reach them.

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In addition to curbside pick-up, the Envision team also offers a Complete Leaf Removal service for even greater convenience. Skip the raking and blowing part and let Envision do all the work!

Request a full-service leaf removal with Envision!