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Take your pool area to the next level by utilizing different landscape design elements to create a unique, yet upscale, relaxation and entertainment zone around your pool – all with the ease of maintenance in mind!

The possibilities for upgrading your pool’s landscaping are endless and can be tailored to match your backyard’s exact aesthetic. Beyond making the entire space visually appealing, you can also use these landscaping tips to increase the safety, privacy, and functionality of your pool!

Evergreen varieties are great for pool areas since they don’t drop their leaves!

Choosing The Right Plants

The most attractive pools always have greenery incorporated into their landscape design. From leafy shrubs to bright flowers to ornamental grasses, there are numerous different plants that are perfect for creating landscape art around your pool.

When choosing your plants, save yourself from major headaches later on by choosing plants that work well around pools. For example, avoid planting any deciduous trees around your pool. These are the ones that drop their leaves every fall, which will make it difficult to keep your pool clean. Other plants to avoid are ones that are fruit-bearing, attract pollinators, drop seeds, or have thorns. Plants you should look for are evergreen varieties, drought-tolerant, sun-loving, or plants with long flower displays.

How you arrange your plantings around your pool is completely your choice. Some choose to create beds set several feet away from the pool, while others opt for plant and boulder beds that border one or more sides of the pool for a unique look. When creating beds around your pool, use river rock instead of mulch. This will create less mess and will help with draining away excess water.

Using hedges to create privacy helps keep your pool area feeling natural!

Create Privacy

If creating privacy around your pool is important for you, you can do so with strategically placed plantings or hardscape elements like walls or fences. One of the most popular privacy choices is surrounding the pool with tall, dense hedges. Or, you can use a variety of different plants of varying heights in raised beds to block the view of outsiders. You could even surround your entire pool, turning it into a hidden oasis!

Incorporating Grass

Some of the most striking pools are ones that eliminate as much hardscape space as possible, replacing it with grass. Some pools have complete grass surrounds, giving the pool a much more natural appearance. The problem with using grass so close to the pool is that the increased foot traffic and constant splashing of chemical-treated water on the grass make it difficult to maintain. The likelihood of muddy spots increases greatly and debris is inevitably tracked into the pool.

Transform your pool into your own personal water hazard to practice tough chips over!

If you love the grassy, natural look, but want to avoid all the upkeep work, you might opt for artificial turf instead. It’s incredibly durable, meaning all the foot traffic around the pool will not damage it. While installing it, the pros will ensure that any overflow water from the pool will be effectively drained away. And since artificial turf always keeps its perfect, manicured look, required maintenance will be practically non-existent.

One of the Envision team’s recent pool landscaping projects utilized artificial turf – and homeowners even took it a step further by creating a private putting green for perfecting their short golf game! When it comes to backyard pool landscaping, it’s all about enhancing the space to make the most of your investment.

Hardscape Elements

For luxurious, professional-looking pool areas, choosing the right combination of hardscape elements is essential. Thanks to the wide variety of landscape materials available from top manufacturers you can create just about any aesthetic desired around your pool!

Most pools have patio areas surrounding them, an option that greatly reduces the amount of dirt and debris that ends up in the pool. To help keep you and your family safe while walking around the pool, opt for surfaces with a non-slip texture. You’ll also want to consider including enough space to entertain guests poolside.

Other ideas include giving your pool a lavish spa feel by including a pergola or covered area where you and guests can get out of the sun; or, include a custom-built fire pit for conversation after the sun sets! Or consider elevating the look of your pool area with raised terraces for lounging and sunbathing.

Ready, Set, Call Envision Today!

Get started on your pool transformation – take it from blah to magazine-worthy – by calling the Envision team today! The Envision landscape and hardscape pros will work with you to design an outdoor plan that makes your pool area more enjoyable – and more maintainable – all summer long!

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