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I’m Dreaming of a … Green Spring!

If you’ve already crossed everything off on your Winter Lawn Prep Checklist, it might be easy to forget about your yard until spring. Yes, the trees and grass may be dormant – strengthening their roots below the cold surface. But, winter is an important season for your yard because winter is planning season!

What better way to spend the dark, cold days of winter than by thinking about your warm and sunny outdoor oasis to come? Curl up with a cup of coffee and dream away! From plantings to patios, Envision can make your home exterior renovation projects a breeze. But where to start?

Create Your “Envision” Board

Gather inspiration for your outdoor improvements by creating a landscape vision board. Use a bulletin board, create a new Pinterest board, or even keep striking landscape ideas in a folder. This way you can collect the perfect landscape concepts to implement at your own place!

Take a Sunday drive around town and see what you like from the local neighborhoods. Browse Pinterest or clip magazine photos; you can even check out our website page Customer Projects, which contains photos and descriptions of previous clients projects we’ve completed.

Take note of what plants, flowers, or shrubs would complement your home; peruse patio paver colors and textures; and gather ideas for potted plants versus planted. Jot down or save all design ideas that could work in your yard space.

Do you have kids or pets? Some popular landscape plants are poisonous, so keep that in mind as well! Don’t forget to list any outdoor allergens you may have – you definitely don’t want to plant those right in your own yard! Do you own bird feeders, bird houses, a birdbath or lawn statues? Planning to start a small compost pile? Include any such requirements in your idea board so Envision can design a landscape plan that will complement your yard accessories.

No project is too large or too small for Envision to handle. Envision can fix your lawn slope to prevent flooding and install proper drainage. They can also beautify your driveway with flower or plant beds — Envision can even spruce up that forgotten side yard! Just think how great it would be to have a new backyard patio for grilling and entertaining come summertime. Whether you need new walkways, raised garden beds, or a firepit, Envision has your back – and your backyard!

How to Design Your Landscape Dreams

Putting your landscape plans on paper might be trickier than you think. Which plants won’t choke each other out? How much sun does each type of plant require? How can you best use your outdoor space to its fullest potential? No matter where you are in your planning process, Envision can help! From novices to experienced green-thumbs, describe your dream landscape and Envision can help arrange the details. Envision even uses special CAD software and drone video mapping to get your plans perfect. But, don’t wait until springtime to get started!

Order Landscape + Hardscape Materials Ahead

As you may already know, many plants and materials could be delayed in shipping. By planning ahead with Envision and ordering your products early, you’ll be able to get your project scheduled earlier. Ultimately this means you’ll be able to fully enjoy your outside space once the weather warms up! Contact Envision today to chase away the winter blues and fulfill your dream of enjoying sunnier days ahead!