Find your neighborhood/ HOA from the list below. If you don’t see your neighborhood listed here and would would like us to contact your HOA give us a call at (816) 788-0808.

Leaf Pickup Guidelines:

  • Envision’s trucks are equipped with a side-mounted vacuum designed follow the curb and suction up long rows of leaves. (We even spray a light mist of water on the leaves to keep dust levels down during vacuuming!)
  • Please blow or rake leaves into a narrow, long pile along the curb. The vacuum arm can reach 3 feet into the lawn area, so be sure to get them near the curb – and avoid getting them into the street or on the sidewalk.
  • Please do not rake leaves into the street or gutter as this may inhibit natural rain drainage activity and possibly block storm drains.
  • Our recycling area and vacuum are designed for leaves only – so be sure other trash, rocks, large sticks or other debris are not in your leaf row.
  • Be sure not to park any vehicles in front of your leaf row on your collection day!