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Stamped and colored concrete walkway.

Your walkway is the gateway to your home – is it time refresh the path to your place this year? 

Many times the condition of the sidewalk that leads to a home’s front door is almost an afterthought, but a well-designed walkway can be a thing of beauty – a stunning pre-entry to your home’s entryway. Or, even pathways that connect different areas of your property can make for a much more inviting spaces. The multiple ways custom walkways can complement the look and feel of your home are practically endless! What’s more, a properly built and maintained walkway makes pedestrian traffic safer and also makes your own version of the great outdoors more accessible.

Villagio Pavers from Techo-Bloc.

Custom Design a Walkway to Match Your Home

There are a litany of hardscape materials that may be used to create a new walkway – or just upgrade a current walkway. The hardscape Pros at Envision choose pavers or manufactured, durable, stone slabs from trusted manufacturers like Techo-Bloc – which also allows walkways to match or complement other hardscape structures installed on a property – from patios and retaining walls to fountains and garden planters.

Matching colors and/or materials gives your entire outdoor space a well planned, cohesive, and professional look. But you don’t have to do identical matches either. A statement installation – like a striking walkway that contrasts a bit with existing hardscape design – is sure to catch a visitor’s eye and create overall visual interest.

It’s important to first take into consideration the path or route for your new walkway. Should it traverse the shortest distance between point A and point B? Or, would your landscape aesthetic benefit from a winding walkway – meandering like a river across your property? Both are viable options, and the final choices are often dependent on the overall layout and size of your yard and the visual look you’re aiming for. Also, don’t be afraid of creating a walkway that traverses a slope on your property – adding stairs to navigate elevation changes on your property can add even greater visual interest.

Borealis Stepping Stones from Techo-Bloc.

Beyond the length and placement decisions for your new walkway another consideration is the width of the walkway. Factors such as where your walkway leads, type of use and even budget should be considered when making this decision. A wider front walkway adds a sense of luxury to the entrance of your home – while narrower walkways provide easy access to backyard entertainment spaces or flower gardens without chewing up valuable green space.

Contrasting hardscape materials, like bricks or pavers, can be used to add a border to your walkway for an even more polished, professional look. To customize a walkway further, consider the addition of shrubs or flowers along the path. Visually striking plantings along your walkway not only make it a treat for guests to stroll, but also minimize the maintenance it takes to keep your walkway looking brand new (as the plantings provide a softer, organic look that reduces the need for crisp, clean, daily-perfection in and around your new walkway).

Team Up with Envision’s Hardscape Pros!

You don’t have to go it alone when designing and installing the perfect walkway! The hardscape professionals at Envision will work with you to design a walkway you’ll definitely love – while keeping a sharp eye on your budget. Their years of hardscape expertise make the Envision team a valuable asset when it comes to designing new or upgrading existing hardscapes on your property. And, working with proven professionals when installing a new walkway (or upgrading an existing walkway), provides more than just a beautiful finished product. Expert hardscape pros, like the team at  Envision, help ensure the durability and quality of your walkway the day it’s installed – and for years and years to come!

Inspired to add a new walkway or renovate a current one? Call Envision at (816) 788-0808 or send a message online to schedule a complimentary hardscape design consultation with an Envision hardscape pro today!