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If you are planning a full hardscape transformation or reimagining a specific area of your property, consider the versatility of a retaining wall! Whether transforming elevations, controlling rainwater flow, creating a natural property boundary or adding elegance to a new plant bed, the combination of form meets function perfectly sums up the beauty of a retaining wall!

As the name suggests, a retaining wall is typically built to either “retain” soil that is at risk of eroding or to alter soil elevations to more effectively manage excess rainwater that is causing property damage. Heavily sloped properties that feature steep hillsides can be altered with retaining walls to create a series of level terraces that can be connected to each other by stairways, creating more usable space.

If struggling with excess rainwater causing flooding or other drainage issues on your property, retaining walls can be designed to alleviate these problems. Depending on the exact nature of a rainwater drainage issue, a retaining wall can often be built to alter the slope of surrounding soil.

When it rains, gravity takes control, redirecting rainwater away from your foundation on its way to the shortest downhill path leading to a lower area of your property where the excess water can disperse more evenly or, naturally make its way to a city storm drain. Left unaddressed, poor drainage can cause severe damage to grass, plantings, and even the foundation of your home.

Well-placed retaining walls can also maintain the integrity of your home’s landscaping. Small retaining walls lining flower beds will keep rich soil in and encroaching grass out; and small walls around tree bases can keep soil from washing away from roots and keep moisture maintaining mulch in close proximity. Also, over time rainwater and even wind can alter the topography of your soil to the point of decimating mineral-rich topsoil and leaving behind less porous, and often rockier, claylike, deep soil that may cause strain or death for delicate plant roots. With properly constructed retaining walls and well cared-for plant beds, rest assured, your plants will remain healthy and happy for years to come.

How Retaining Walls Upgrade a Hardscape

Retaining walls come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing a visually appealing design based on your property’s natural attributes can make a big difference on the look and feel of your overall landscape and hardscape plan.  A visually interesting manufactured-stone retaining wall can transform a plain-Jane yard by adding dimension, shape, and visual interest. Regardless of your visual preference – whether you prefer clean, crisp, ruler-straight visual lines or more meandering, winding, curving retaining walls; there are a myriad of materials to choose from. Regardless of the aesthetic you choose, a well-built retaining wall can redefine your outdoor space and add greater visual appeal to not only your yard – but your overall entire home and property.

Retaining walls can be especially helpful when it comes to upgrading patio spaces. From their utility in holding back yards of earth in creating a cozy and comfortable sunken patio; to lending support to piled earth used to create a raised patio – complete with stone stairway leading the way to rest of your property, there is almost no landscape job unsuited to a well-constructed retaining wall. What’s more, adding a smooth top capstone will allow your new retaining wall to double as overflow seating for the throngs of guests clamoring to admire your new patio area!

Last, but not least, Retaining walls are also ideal for adding visual appeal to landscaped elements of your property. From elevated and terraced planter boxes to unique and pristine garden zones, retaining walls set the stage for the spectacular landscape floor show. As if that weren’t enough, retaining walls are also perfect for protecting plant areas from erosion. And, when used to create raised plant beds, retaining walls ensure an excellent balance of moisture retention and adequate drainage for your one of a kind victory garden.

Considering a new retaining wall or two? Check out Envision’s expert DIY tips before you dive in! And if you’d prefer to leave the retaining wall construction to the experts, give Envision a call at (816) 788-0808 or click here to craft an email message to schedule a complimentary consultation with an Envision hardscape pro today!