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What does a full-service landscaping company do all year?

Now you can find out! From seasonal lawn care to detailed hardscape builds, learn how Envision Lawn and Tree cares for their clients all year round – plus, check out a couple of amazing projects from 2021. It’s been an incredible — and busy — couple of seasons, and Envision is excited for what’s ahead for 2022!

Keep reading to learn about our seasonal and past projects – and make sure to get on this year’s schedule for your own outdoor projects!

Seasonal Projects

Springtime begins with ordering projects and materials for everyone who didn’t plan ahead during the winter season. Envision definitely has plantings to install and care for, but an often overlooked spring task is the issue of drainage! When spring rains flood your yard, Envision can help with proper drainage that will carry the water away from your home, prevent basement flooding, and keep your plants from drowning. Check out Envision’s Drainage offers, and learn what goes into Spring Landscape Planning here!

Summer Landscaping is looking busy for Envision this year: attentive lawn care maintenance, major patio builds and hardscape projects have us booked almost completely solid during the dog days of summer. When we’re not building customer patios or design & builds, Envision is diligently and speedily caring for the lawns of the greater KC area. Summer days can get pretty hot, and Envision is honored to take the heavy work of lawn care so we can let our customers enjoy more free time.

Throughout the Fall, Envision will still be occupied with completing customer projects and tending to lawn mowing. We also begin our leaf removal process during this season! We use our high-capacity vacuum truck to save customers hours of back-breaking leaf-bagging — all they have to do is rake their leaves to the curb! In fact, we even offer a complete leaf removal option so you don’t even have to do any raking! Customers and commercial businesses alike appreciate the ease and convenience of our leaf removal service.

When the frosty days of Winter blow through town, you can spot Envision trucks faithfully clearing snow on our commercial properties so that you can park safely and easily. Learn more about our commercial Snow Removal process to get a jump start on next year’s planning!

Customer Projects

To sum up our year in just the four seasons is fairly difficult. While certain elements of our work do follow the weather patterns, Envision keeps busy year-round with a variety of one-of-a-kind customer projects.  

In late spring, Envision took on a spatially-challenged Waldo backyard. Rainwater drainage had been an ongoing issue with this client’s backyard, and she needed a canine-friendly surface that cleaned easily. This customer also wanted a visually striking patio design that redirected attention away from the narrowness of the deck area. The solution? Envision modernized it with striking Techo-Bloc stone pavers and low-maintenance, pet-friendly artificial turf.

Another fun project Envision completed was a summer landscape makeover. With spruced up landscaping, new plantings, perfectly installed pavers, and a freshly trimmed lawn, this customer had a new outdoor space ideal for summer entertainment! The homeowner was so thrilled that he graciously shared these words: “Envision was great to work with…they were dependable, top tier professionals that just did a great job. They showed up on time, they did amazing work and it was at a reasonable price. We definitely look forward to working with Envision in the future and we absolutely recommend working with them.”


Speaking of transformations, you should see this outdoor living space transformation (pictured on right) Envision pulled off! Envision took a muddy messy yard and turned it into a luxurious pool-side landscape complete with a personal putting green! The time and hard work put into this project was so worth it – just check out these before and after photos!

After – thanks to Envision!

Envision’s expertise goes beyond residential care – we also tend to several commercial properties, including the fantastic Aubrey Vineyards. We’re proud to partner with our local community, including individual clients, homeowner associations, large commercial businesses, and local churches. In fact, Envision is honored to give back to the community by offering a Church Donation Program.

Interested in seeing more of our projects? We’ve added a Projects page to our website so you can check out some of our major projects. View Envision’s Projects page here!

Envision Helps Homeowners Achieve Perfect Landscaping!

Envision wants to help you get the most out of your outdoor area – that’s why we share lawn tips or how-to builds throughout the year! From Mulching to Patio Pavers to Stone Retaining Walls, any homeowner with initiative can learn to tackle some tougher landscaping projects thanks to Envision’s professional insights. Additionally, Envision shared landscaping advice about Eliminating Common Lawn Pests, Why Leaf Removal Matters, and how to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter!

Interested in what Envision can do for you? Contact us online today to learn more about how Envision can transform your outdoor living space this year!