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How it Started

Brothers John and Charlie Smith started Envision Lawn and Tree by mowing lawns in their neighborhood. Once the company started to grow, they knew giving back to that same neighborhood where it all began was the next step.

When they started to receive work from local churches, they knew giving back to a place of worship would be a great way to serve their community. Envision has since created a Church Donation Program for projects they complete in their service area — once finished with a project for a church or house of worship Envision donates a portion of the profits back to the organization.

More Info

Envision has experience working with many local churches and offers many different services including, landscaping, mowing, leaf removal, hardscaping, adding walkways and sidewalks, trimming greenery and snow removal. They are artificial turf experts and recently added artificial turf for a future playground on the side of a church with an attached school. If your organization is interested in learning more about how Envision can transform your space, and make a donation, contact Envision or call today, 816-788-0808.