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It takes only a few summer pests to destroy your own great outdoors!

All spring you nurtured your tender lawn with seed, fertilizer and plenty of irrigation – all in preparation for summer growth and vibrancy. And then it happens: brown patches in your grass, holes in the lawn and wilting blades (even though water has been plentiful). Nine out of ten times these sick-lawn symptoms are the telltale signs of a band of pesky insects!

The reason? Many common lawn pests come into full swing during summer, with their ranks often peaking during the warm temperature months. These often very small (but dangerously hungry) pests are enjoying their best summer ever at the expense of your formerly gorgeous lawn!

The good news? Envision is here to help you spot, identify, and prevent these pesky pests from destroying your dream lawn.

Spotting Common Lawn Pests

If your lawn is losing its luster, it might be time to take a closer look – a much closer look! Does your lawn have any of these telltale signs of lawn pests?

  • Holes in the Soil (think tiny insect burrows, not soccer cleat marks)
  • Brown spots on grass blades
  • Spotty dead patches of grass in various areas
  • Wilting blades of grass in well-watered areas of the lawn
  • Chew or bite marks on blades of grass
  • Thin or missing roots
  • Visible bugs

Of course, there are a wide variety of earthly little fellows hiding in your lawn; some good and some not good at all. Following are a few common lawn pests.

Common Summer Lawn Pests

  1. Ants – Recognizable to most everyone, these little armies may not eat grass, but their dirt-mound homes may disrupt your soil and their web of tunnels can dry out your lawn’s root system. Additionally, there are ants that feed on newly planted grass or even gather and store grass seed. If you have a garden, rest assured, the ants under your lawn will soon be making regular visits to your garden to snack on fruits and vegetables.
  2. Cinch bugs – With a large appetite for grass blades, cinch bugs are tiny – about the size of a pencil tip. Although small, these lawn pests travel in large numbers and can quickly wipe out a healthy lawn.
  3. Cutworms – Also known as army worms, these caterpillars aren’t like the friendly earthworm. Rather than eating dead leaves and producing healthy soil, cutworms feast off of your grass blades. They are often found in commercial crops but they also favor a fresh lawn – commercial property owners beware!
  4. Sod webworms – This moth larva loves to devour not only the blades but also the stems of your grass (assuredly to your dismay).
  5. Bill bugs – Don’t mistake the fanciful name for the lovely little roly poly (or “pill bugs”) that often live along the edges of your lawn. Bill bugs are small weevils that have a proportionately long nose – almost like a small anteater. Living in the thatch layer of your lawn, these funny looking pests cause lawn issues that are anything but funny. Both the adult insects and the immature larva will damage your grass. Grown bill bugs will chew holes through the grass blades and lay eggs inside; hatched larva eat the grass from the inside out and proceed to eat the grass from root to tip. Unfortunately, bill bugs are hard to spot and their damage may be misdiagnosed as a type of fungus.
  6. Grubs – This larva of the scarab beetle is likely one of the most damaging lawn pests. Also known as May beetles or June bugs, these tumbling beetles come in a wide variety of colors and sizes and bring multiple lawn problems with them. Young scarab beetle grubs eat grass and plant roots, while adults tend to feast off of leaves, flower, and fruit.

Envision: Your #1 Summer Lawn Pest Solution

Why let pesky little bugs destroy all your hours of lawn TLC? Especially since Envision can easily treat and prevent these destructive feasters from wreaking havoc on your summer lawn.

With Envision on pest patrol, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a pest-free lawn all summer long! Envision will properly aerate your turf, fertilize the lawn, spray for weeds and even provide a grub control application. They can even put you on a regular mowing schedule in the summer and handle leaf removal in the fall.

Struggling with common lawn pests this summer? Stop the problem before the damage spreads. Call Envision today or contact us online to see how Envision can restore your lawn to its full summer glory.