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Techo-Bloc Manufactured Stones await Cutting and Installation 

Modern Yard, Lasting Impression

At Envision some of our favorite landscape projects are those that strike the perfect balance between cutting edge technology and old school craftsmanship. This Waldo area backyard project had it all – including unique contour and space challenges, mixed used surface area needs and the flexibility to add a pergola structure at a later date. This would be an uncommon design, fashioned from a variety of quality materials – just the kind of project the expert craftsmen at Envision enjoy the most!

Techo-Bloc & Artificial Turf – A Striking Combo

Customizable Techo-Bloc Pavers

Homeowner Alli wanted a low-maintenance yet visually striking outdoor living area. Rainwater drainage had been an ongoing issue with her backyard, and she needed a canine-friendly surface that cleaned easily. Alli also wanted a visually striking patio design that redirected attention away from the narrowness of the deck area.

After reviewing multiple surface options, Alli chose a beautiful Techo-bloc manufactured stone design. Modern and stylish, Techo-bloc manufactured stone patio slabs and pavers are resilient, drainage-efficient, with a wide variety of colors, shapes and textures available.

Next up was a formerly grassy area around the bend of the “L” shaped back yard. The area needed to be pet friendly, but with just enough room to play, the family pets would tear up natural grass in almost no time. Pet-friendly artificial turf was the perfect solution. Also great for those who don’t want to spend the summer mowing, new innovations in the turf industry provide safe, labor-saving options for enjoyable and durable backyard living. A smaller backyard like Alli’s was perfect for turf installation. What’s more, pet-friendly infill minimizes pet odors and efficient below-turf drainage means one hit from the hose and your outdoor space is as good as new – all of the time!

Techo-Bloc and Turf Installation – near completion!

Envision Does It Right – The First Time

Pet-Friendly Artificial Turf

When the landscape professionals at Envision began renovating Alli’s backyard, first up was excavation. The experienced team quickly realized it wouldn’t be possible to work with the existing lower base soil. The dirt composition in question was a loose clay and topsoil mix that would be too unstable for the turf and patio installation. The turf would get get soft spots and the patio would sink in some area and stabilize in others – creating an uneven rollercoaster of a surface. Where other landscape teams might shrug and forge ahead laying the patio pavers and turf on the subpar surface, the Envision team knew the stability and durability of the two surfaces would suffer greatly over time.

With a specially prepared mortar mix and a high-strength geo-grid, Envision took the time effort required to completely stabilize the entire sub-surface of Alli’s backyard living area. Now with the Techo-Bloc and turf installation installed on an ultra-firm foundation, Alli and her family have an all new and beautiful backyard living installation – without the worry of cracking or shifting! Check out the full project in the photo gallery!

Looking to renovate your outdoor living space? Envision gets the job done – the first time! Make your backyard dreams a reality, Contact Envision online today with or call (816)788-0808 for an estimate on your next outdoor project!