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Deluxe Backyard Grill and Chill Space

Spruced up landscaping wraps around patio and fireplace feature area.

It’s National Chill Outside Month!

Maybe not truly an official designation, but Envision thinks it should be!

Summer afternoons may still be too sizzling to stay out in the sun for long, but warm summer evenings were meant to be enjoyed outdoors. With the long daylight hours (and plenty of natural shade) why not invite a few friends over for beverages and conversation on the patio!

Not sure your outdoor living space is up to the task of entertaining? Then it may be time to spruce up your outdoor entertainment area. With Envision, you can have the relaxing, outdoor living space you’ve dreamed of. Check out this recent Envision project.

Backyard Landscape Project Details

A winding paver border, tree installation, fresh mulch along and new sod freshen up a formerly bare corner of the outdoor space.

Envision first met with the client to discuss the backyard space, working through their objectives for the area resulting in the creation of a design plan for the client. Envision is there to listen, suggest landscape solutions and agree on a plan, timeframe, and budget – well before the first shovel is turned.

Determining where to install plantings or hardscape features should be done with purpose and intent. It must be both aesthetically pleasing and efficient – leaving walking room, taking full advantage of existing features, and evaluating unused yard space. Choosing the right plants for your yard is also a bit of an art. Is the outdoor space mostly shady or does it lie in direct sunlight for several hours of the day? Is there an existing sprinkler/irrigation system to consider? How does the property drain after rainfall? All these factors and more play an important role in choosing the best plants and the best areas for plant beds on your property.

Envision used stone pavers to frame planting areas. The pavers work to keep the landscaping looking neat and keep grass from invading the areas. Inside the newly created planting areas, the Envision team planted flower beds, shrubs, and evergreen trees along with new sod to literally bring fresh life to the customer’s outdoor living space.

The newly installed plant beds were mulched for visual appeal, to prevent erosion and retain valuable moisture after rainfall. (Check out Envision’s How To Install Mulch Guide if you’re interested in the process and purpose of mulching.)

Lush new sod, shrubs and flower beds add visual interest to view from patio.

In the featured photos also take note of the lush lawn that the Envision team created through new sodding and proper watering.

With Envision on the job, you know that your landscaping will be done correctly and at a fair price. From design to installation to planting, the Envision team does it all.

Customer Feedback

A few words from the homeowner on this project about working with Envision:

“Envision was great to work with…they were dependable, top tier professionals that just did a great job. They showed up on time, they did amazing work and it was at a reasonable price. We definitely look forward to working with Envision in the future and we absolutely recommend working with them.”

Improve Your Own Great Outdoors

Tidy shrubs and paver border and new mulch frame the grill station area.

Perhaps you’re interested in creative ideas on beautifying your own under-used yard space! Is a patio installation on your short list? Or new trees, shrubs and flower beds? Or maybe even a new outdoor fireplace or grill space? Then it might be time to contact the team at Envision.

Turn your outdoor living space into the perfect chill entertainment spot – or give it a mini-makeover to enhance your own personal relaxation. Call Envision today at (816) 788-0808 to set up a complimentary consultation, or contact us online here. If you have a dream  for a new outdoor space you’d like to unlock this summer or fall, Envision just might be the key!