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Check out what Envision can do with a blank slate!

The Rhuems family recently completed building their beautiful dream home in Independence and now that the construction equipment had cleared out, it was time to give their brand new home the landscaping it needed to really shine! They knew they wanted to line their spacious driveway with trees, refresh their lawn with lush new sod, and use a variety of plantings to create eye-catching greenery accents throughout their property. To tackle this large landscaping project, the Rhuems family reached out to the Envision specialists for help. With years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining residential and commercial-sized landscapes, they knew the Envision team would be able to tackle all the different elements it would take to complete this job.

Envision’s detailed plan for the Rhuems new landscaping.

The first step of any landscaping project, big or small, is to have a solid plan. The Envision team sat down and listened to all the elements the homeowners desired for their new home’s landscaping and provided their expertise along the way. The result: a detailed drawing displaying the placement and plant types that would be used around their home. The Rhuems could begin to visualize exactly what the outcome of this huge project would look like and they were excited for the Envision team to get started!

Preparing to lay out the sod.

Rolling Out a Giant Green Carpet

After all the construction work was finished on the house, the large, nearly 1-acre yard surrounding the home was left with very little grass. With such a large expanse in need of grass, the Envision specialists and the homeowners agreed that sod would be the best way to go. Starting from seed on a yard of this size would nearly be a full-time job, with constant watering, reseeding, and meticulous daily care. With sod, the Envision team would be able to give them an instantly healthy, green lawn that would provide a solid base for many years to come.

To keep all this new sod and the home’s future trees and shrubs properly hydrated, the Envision team installed a brand new automated sprinkler system. With their new irrigation system, the homeowners would have no problem keeping all their new landscaping elements fresh and healthy.

Freshly transplanted black gum trees along the driveway.

Bring Out the Greenery

With so much space around their new home, the Envision team and the homeowners decided to create some visual interest with a diverse selection of shrubs and trees. The Envision team brought out numerous different plantings, all of which thrive here in the Midwest, for the homeowners to choose from and they ended up with a beautiful collection. Along the driveway, the planting experts installed ten black gum trees, which reach around 30-50 feet tall when fully matured. Next, they installed two more trees, this time tulip trees, in the yard. These trees will grow larger than the black gum trees and, in the fall, their leaves will turn a vibrant orange. Each tree also got an appealing stone ring around the base filled with mulch to simultaneously protect and hide the roots.

Striking grasses and juniper shrubs.

The plant specialist went all out surrounding the perimeter of the home with a great collection of different plants. They used multiple different flowering perennials with blooms in reds, yellows, purples, pinks, and blues and ornamental grasses and sage for a variety of textures. To vary the heights and shapes of the plants, they added boxwood hedges and juniper shrubs. To tie the entire property together nicely, they brought more of these plantings away from the home, as well, by creating an island planter box in the yard, along their iron fence, and around the front gate. Once all the new plantings were in the ground, the Envision team filled in the spaces around them with multi-color river rock. The river rock not only assists with proper drainage but keeps the planter boxes looking neat and stops pesky weeds from popping up.

Working with the Envision Pros

Here’s what the homeowners had to say about the Envision team:

“We really enjoyed having John and the whole Envision crew on our team for this giant project! Not only are they great at what they do, but they are just great people, too! This whole project took a few weeks to complete, but they kept us informed and up-to-date every step of the way and we are just thrilled with how it turned out!”

Regardless of how big or how small a landscaping project is, when you work with the Envision team you get the same personal care and attention to detail each and every time.

Ready to get started on your own landscape makeover? Now is the time! Contact Envision online today or call (816)788-0808 to book a consult and get an estimate on your next outdoor project!