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In 2021, the owners of a recently purchased Brookside area home decided that 2022 would be the year their backyard would be transformed into the modern outdoor living space they would be able to spend spring, summer, and fall thoroughly enjoying. Since purchasing the home 5 years earlier the family had taken on a variety of renovation projects inside the home, but it was now time to tackle the outdoor space. Their backyard would receive a much-deserved upgrade – and for the family, a much more comfortable backyard living area.

The old deck before it was removed by the homeowners.

With a general plan in mind for the backyard space, the homeowners went in both feet first on the new outdoor project. The couple worked tirelessly together to completely remove a worn, wooden deck themselves. After a fair amount of personal labor – and several days of hard and heavy work, the old deck was finally removed and an empty patch of dirt was the only reminder of its former existence. In spite of the success the couple had with the demolition phase of the project, taking on the next phase, a complete new stone patio installation, seemed more than a bit daunting without professional assistance.

After sharing their concerns, a friend of the homeowners recommended the couple talk to the outdoor living professionals at Envision Landscape to see what they might recommend. A meeting was scheduled and, shortly after a consult with the Envision team, the homeowners decided they had found a perfect fit for the job. With that, the Envision design process began.

Customer Collaboration – An Envision Trademark

The hardscape experts at Envision worked closely with the homeowners to specifically plan exactly what the updated outdoor space should look like. The Envision team listened closely to the homeowner’s objectives and brought multiple design ideas to the table – utilizing CAD dynamic imaging to vividly illustrate the look and feel of the plan. In next to no time at all, a great design partnership was formed between the family and Envision.

Unilock stone slabs were hand-cut in varying sizes to create a contemporary look.

Once executed, the new patio design would be large enough to entertain a nice-sized group of friends – yet not consume all of the property’s limited backyard space. The new patio design also left plenty of space for future landscaping elements – a planned addition for the coming spring.

Next up, it was time to choose the best material for the patio surface. Envision offered several options that would fit the desired aesthetic for the space while also maintaining a price range that was within the family budget. Ultimately, the homeowners chose a pale-colored, manufactured stone product from Unilock, a  product that would not only provide a high-end and modern look, but also an aesthetic that felt natural thanks to a lightly textured surface. And, in comparison to textured concrete patios or natural rock such as flagstone, the Unilock manufactured stone would be far more durable – and far less prone to cracking from seasonal temperatures variations and natural ground shifting. With the homeowner’s dream patio plan approved on paper, the installation pros at Envision now set their sights on transforming it into reality.

Professional Planning – Expert Installation

Thanks to the unique shape, the homeowners will be able to add the exact landscaping elements they want this coming spring.

Envision prepared the future patio area by leveling the soil and laying down a gravel base – that was then stamped down for stability. This first step is essential – a sturdy foundation prevents cracks from forming later.

With the patio’s foundation properly in place, the Envision team set to work planning the layout of the wide, contemporary stones. To create the desired visual appearance, the Envision hardscapers went to work hand-cutting each stone to perfectly fit together and create an eye-pleasing pattern. Once all the stones were precisely in place, a layer of sand was spread to fill in the spaces between the stone – and allow for expansion and contraction with seasonal temperature changes. Once all the stone was in place the homeowners would be ready for Phase II of the backyard makeover: Springtime landscape installation.

Homeowner Comments

What the homeowners had to say about working with the Envision:

“The Envision team was incredibly personable and easy to work with. They were very involved throughout every step of the process, always being responsive and making frequent check-ins to keep us updated on everything that was happening on the project. We especially appreciated how resourceful they were with finding unique design options and how straightforward they were about pricing and how the entire process progressed. It was clear from the start that every person on the Envision team was a professional – all very skilled at their jobs.”

Your Turn: Time to Get a Head Start on Spring!

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Beat the spring rush and get a head start on your future landscape and hardscape projects! Contact Envision online today or call (816)788-0808 to book a consult and get an estimate on your next outdoor project!