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The backyard with its new sod and paver patio.

Envision recently completed a three-part project at this Brookside home, bringing it improved drainage, a thick, lush lawn, and a brand new patio.

When the homeowners of this Brookside home moved in last summer, their yard was in rough shape and left a lot to be desired. They were concerned with water pooling in their side yard and the grass around their home, which was thin and unhealthy, with patches of dirt. Their neighbors had recently had some landscaping work done by Envision Lawn and Tree and really enjoyed working with them. So, the homeowners decided to reach out and see if the Envision team could tackle their projects, too.

Planning made easy with Envision

They were connected with Alex at Envision, and explained to him the problems they were having with their yard. Alex talked through the different solutions available to them and together they chose which options would work the best for them and their home.

During the planning period, the homeowners decided to take their project to the next level and asked if the Envision team could design and install a paver patio in their backyard – they had a very small deck that was neither ideal for entertaining or for relaxing.

Adding a patio to their project was no problem at all. Alex brought them lots of different pavers to choose from, with a wide range in style and price. The homeowners decided on a 3-piece neutral paver combination that was natural in appearance and would create an interesting pattern.

After the French drain was completed and landscaping rock was spread out.

Proper drainage with a new French drain

The Envision team began work on the side yard first, where water was not properly draining down to the street. To best redirect water away from the house, the homeowners and the Envision team decided the best solution would be to install a French drain. Once it was properly installed, the team laid landscaping rocks to further assist with drainage and give the whole side yard a neat, tidy look.

Fresh, new sod and interlocking paver patio.

Renewing the lawn with fresh, thick sod

Once the French drain was completed, the Envision team turned their attention to the grass. The team and homeowners considered fixing the yard with extensive seeding but ultimately decided to sod the front and the backyard. Envision began by removing all the old grass and turning the yard to properly prepare it for the sod. Once the new sod was laid, the yard instantly received a facelift – it was now a lush, thick carpet of dark green.

Once the yard was completed, the Envision hardscape professionals immediately went to work on the new patio. They cleared a 10 ft by 14 ft area, prepared a sturdy, level base, and then began laying the pavers one-by-one in an interlocking pattern. Once the pavers were all in place, they secured them further with a layer of sand.

What the homeowner had to say about working with Envision:

The completed backyard.

“It was a great experience. They were extremely responsive and kept up consistent communication prior to and throughout the entire project. When we were choosing the patio pavers, Alex was very helpful in determining which pavers we should use, providing us with numerous options and price points, and we could ask him any questions we had.

We are so pleased with everything they did for our yard. Even though it was kind of a last-minute addition, we have already been able to enjoy it multiple times over the past month that we’ve had it. And the lawn looks great. Compared to what the yard was like in the fall, I’m amazed at how thick and full the grass is. The new sod has made a huge difference.

Working with Envision was great. The whole team went above and beyond our expectations, and we plan on working with Envision again on our future landscaping projects.”

Whatever landscaping or hardscaping projects are on your radar for 2022, get started on them today! Contact Envision online or call (816) 788-0808 to book a consult and get an estimate for your next outdoor project!