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Envision Proud to Serve Local Vineyard

At Envision we’re honored to work with not only residential clients throughout the metro, but also many commercial businesses across the greater Kansas City area. One exciting property we are thrilled to help maintain is Aubrey Vineyards in Overland Park!

Aubrey Vineyards

The heart of the Midwest is not often where one finds your everyday wine vineyard, but Aubrey Vineyards is not your everyday wine vineyard!

The story is a fascinating one that starts with a local Johnson County family returning from Napa Valley in California – one of the the more bountiful wine producing regions in the country. The determined family had a strong intuition that the agricultural conditions in the Kansas City area could make an excellent home for a vineyard. Today, the gently sloping hills and fertile, well draining soil of Aubrey Vineyards creates the perfect atmosphere for growing grapes. Plus, strong Kansas breezes actually help to prevent many vine diseases.

Around 200 acres were purchased in 2010 close to the state line in Johnson County, and the first vines of this family’s vision of Aubrey Vineyards were planted in 2012.

The Art of Winemaking at Aubrey

Fine wine from Kansas? Although many may have had initial doubts, Aubrey Vineyards takes great pride in the dedication and knowledge required to succeed in the art of winemaking – especially in Kansas!

The grapes are harvested around mid-August when vineyard grapes reach perfect sugar and acidic levels. After harvest, the winemaking process has only just begun.

Both white and red wines are produced at Aubrey Vineyards, and both require close monitoring to achieve the desired taste profiles. Keep in mind, the specific processes differ for white and red wines. The skilled winemakers at Aubrey maintain appropriate temperatures, add the precise amounts of yeast, and carefully track sugar content levels to calibrate the length of the fermentation process.

When the vintners at Aubrey have fully developed each wine’s flavor and tannin, it’s time for bottling, labeling, and careful packaging.

Tending to the Vineyards

All these beautiful wines – Red, White and Rosé – begin, of course, in the vineyard. New vines are carefully planted before they awake from winter dormancy; this means most new plants must be buried in early to mid-May. These baby vines are trimmed down to 2 buds; then the experienced vineyard team adds protective grow tubes and bamboo stakes.

Summer is a busy time of year at the vineyard as the vines are thriving. The watchful workers are careful to regularly clip excessive growth to ensure the vines’ stability, health, and proper production. Once the grapes begin to grow bigger, the crew must carefully net the grapes to keep pecking birds away. These special protective nettings remain on the vines until it’s time for harvest.

Planting, monitoring, and tending to the vines requires a lot of hard, dedicated work. Envision is proud to partner with a company who understands the value of hard work and appreciates the well-earned result!

Envision is Proud to Serve Aubrey Vineyards

Envision, like Aubrey Vineyards, keeps a keen eye on weather conditions, plant growth, potential plant diseases, and the overall health of planting. Envision is proud to bring our “A” game and some of our best work to Aubrey Vineyards. It’s Envision’s job to carefully maintain the vineyard grounds so the Aubrey winemakers and crews can do what they do best – grow amazing grapes and ultimately, produce fine wine.

Whether a vineyard in Kansas or a large business campus in Missouri, Envision is proud of the service we provide our many commercial customers. Like our residential customers, Envision knows that treating every property like it were our own property leads to the best outcomes.

If you’re a business customer that could use a little help with your commercial property, Envision might be right for you. From trimming trees to maintaining company grounds to adding new landscaping and/or hardscaping, Envision has the tools and the expert team to take care of all your outdoor needs.

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