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The Envision team received a call from a Brookside homeowner who was in need of an innovative and durable alternative to grass in their backyard. The homeowners moved in 10 years earlier and had meticulously kept up with the home’s lawn care needs – maintaining a healthy lawn had not been an issue, until recently.

The couple have two children who were now at an age where they spent a lot of time playing in the backyard which was giving the grass a workout. The constant foot traffic, combined with having two active dogs in a backyard which is also blanketed in shade for the majority of the day, were taking toll on the on their once healthy lawn. Add spring rains to the mix and the family was left with a muddy mess that was becoming harder and harder to enjoy.

The homeowners decided it was time to make some changes. To start off the backyard transformation, they had a sport-court builder install a basketball half-court in one section of the yard. Once the court was installed they were in search of a low-maintenance surface for the rest of the area – durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of their two active children and two dogs. With a little research it seemed artificial turf might be a good solution.

The homeowners initially reached out to a well-known outdoor solutions company about turf installation. But the quote for the turf was shocking – they couldn’t believe installing turf would be so expensive. Not giving up easily, they turned to a recommendation a neighbor had given them. The neighbor had recently worked with Envision and said they loved the company’s work. After a phone call and a visit from Envision they received an artificial turf  installation estimate from Envision that was much more budget-friendly.

Grading the yard to create a sturdy base for the turf along with adequate drainage.

Artificial Turf – and More!

The homeowners discussed their vision for the backyard, and the Envision design team came back with a plan for artificial turf and a decorative rock border that would look great and also serve to drain excess rainwater from the backyard after heavy downpours.

The crew set to work grading the backyard and removing any rocky debris. This created a sturdy base for the projects and included a slight grade to direct rainwater water off the turf onto the rock border and then toward the storm drain.

Weed barrier fabric is laid atop the graded and compacted soil before crushed gravel is added.

With grading compete, the team compacted the soil and lined it with a weed barrier fabric. On top of the weed barrier went a layer of crushed gravel, which was also tightly compacted. Then came a layer of pea-sized gravel – also compacted. Together these layers formed a firm foundation for the coming turf.

Finally it was time to roll out the “green carpet”! The turf was stretched and cut to fit the exact area of the space and then secured along the edges with nailer boards. The nailer boards would prevent fraying or possible tearing that might be caused if an edge was worked loose by rambunctious kids or pets. Once the turf was secured and flat, then came the the final step – laying infill on top of the turf. The infill is a bit like fine sand and an important part of the process. It is spread across the top of the turf and brushed down, adding stabilizing weight to weigh the turf down while simultaneously forcing the individual blades to stand up straight giving the turf a natural grass-like appearance.

Artificial turf – a perfect, low-maintenance solution for high traffic backyards!

To complete the project plan, the Envision team laid a river rock walkway adjacent to the turf to not only add visual interest to the backyard but also to assist with rainwater egress. And voilà! In less than a week from start to finish, the homeowners had a great looking – and quite durable – new backyard area to enjoy!

In the Customer’s Own Words:

“Our backyard had become a muddy disaster and we were sick of it. Now it is incredible! We spend so much more time out there than I expected. We now have the fun backyard we always wanted.

Working with Envision was great. They quoted us a great price for the project and they just crushed it. The whole thing went off without a hitch and turned out perfect. John and the whole team were great to work with, always easy to get in contact with – and they finished the whole project in about 4 days! And when when the project was done, John told us to just give him a call if we ever had any concerns or questions.”

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